Excess sugar in the bloodstream is not a great thing. Besides risk of heart disease, diabetes, and other ailments – it certainly affects your skin. Insulin levels can skyrocket at the drop of dime and that produces long term major effects! Still unsure how sugar affects the skin? Here are some details to help you out in the matter.

Cause inflammation in the skin such as acne

how sugar affects skinDid your mother ever tell you to drink water and keep the juice and soda content down? Well, she’s right. What most people don’t realize is that excess insulin causes the skin to become inflamed. It’s the extra production of collagen that traps in the skin. It’s a major factor in gaining acne. Just imagine you eat a donut – the bread turns into glucose, it’s fried (meaning oily), and there’s a coat of sugar. This is a trifecta that will only cause harm to your skin. It’s very important to limit these packaged or high fattening pastries so your skin can breathe. You’ll find that your liver can only process so much of this and as a result it gets absorbed into the skin.

Are fruits bad for your skin?

It’s true that fruits are high in sugar and do get absorbed as energy rather quickly but there are a few factors that prevent it from being a huge spike. One of the reasons is the antioxidant properties. Foods like blueberries, blackberries, and even apple peels help keep blood sugar level low. The difference between the sugary content of packaged or sweet treats and fruits is fiber. Fiber content gives your body a balance to where your body doesn’t flip out after eating something with high amounts of natural sugar. An apple a day truly keeps the doctor away because the peels possess phloretin, a phytonutrient that stabilizes blood sugar.

Stay away from milk

Milk isn’t the most sugary substance but it does affect the skin because of the hormones in it. Some people can get bad breakouts due to dairy products. Not to mention, eating high sugar cereals adds flame to the fire. Remember that before you get your late night bowl of cereal before sleep. Your insulin will spike and the dairy will seriously affect your skin. Eat some blueberries and drink some water to fulfill your late night snacking needs.

Does chocolate hurt your skin?

Not all affects your skin; only chocolate laced with sugar. The raw cocoa in dark chocolate actually is great for your skin due to elements of oleic acid, which helps you absorb more nutrients in the bloodstream. Nutrients that can potentially fight off inflammatory substances. Also, you’ll notice that cocoa or dark chocolate will help you protect against excess sun exposure. Help yourself in the summer time by eating some raw chocolate to shave off some years in the face as you age.

Stay away from refined sugar because it only harms your skin. Fruits are great in moderation, especially those with antioxidant properties.