Getting the beautiful pearly white smile that you’ve dreamed of may be easier than you think. With advances in dental technology, we can provide our patients with effective laser teeth whitening treatment in Sterling, Virginia with striking results!

Laser teeth whitening is commonly used to treat teeth that are yellow, or have stains or spots. These visual imperfections on otherwise healthy teeth, can take away from the beauty of your smile and in some instances result in more serious dental problems. If you are unsatisfied with the look of your smile due to stains or discoloration, we recommend getting our professional laser teeth whitening service as soon as possible.

Laser Teeth Whitening In Sterling, Virginia

Drinking beverages such soda, coffee, wine, or even tea can cause stains on your teeth over time. Also, smoking and certain medications may also cause yellow teeth or discoloration. At Dr. Sattar’s Medical Spa, we use laser teeth whitening to correct these imperfections and give you a whiter smile.

Our patients love our teeth whitening service because it is a safe, quick, and relatively inexpensive way to achieve a whiter, and more aesthetically pleasing smile.

Dr. Sattar is very experienced with laser teeth whitening, and has produced fantastic results for patients with stained, yellow, or discolored teeth. If you would like to schedule your appointment for laser teeth whitening in Sterling, Virginia, call us today at 703-450-9723. We look forward to helping you improve the look of your smile!