How can B12 shots help you?

B12 shots are best known for helping boost energy levels. Whether you get enough sleep, stay hydrated, or eat a healthy diet, adding more natural energy to your daily life is always a welcomed plus. For some people who have a B12 deficiency, getting monthly injections is a great way to go. In addition to boosting your energy, B12 helps maintain blood and nerve cell health and has been reported to help with weight loss.

vitamin b12 injections benefitsOpting for the B12 shot over the pill is believed to be a more effective way to receive the full benefits of the vitamin as it is injected directly into the bloodstream versus orally which can dilute its effectiveness. Why? Because the body will naturally eliminate what it does not need. Thus, experts report that if you are not deficient in the vitamin it can end up being a waste of your money. However, many still choose to still get them even if they do not have a deficiency because of the fact that the placebo effect does work. If someone says something will work and you believe it, it will.

Got Proof?

According to Ashley Barrient, R.D., from the Loyola Center who administers B12 shots, research has found that it does indeed improvement energy levels in people who are B12 deficient. (The Truth About Vitamin B12 Injections)

Additionally, many celebrities have reported that the pill as well as the injection has had great results. If you still need more proof, ask your friends and family, you are sure to discover that at least one or two people you know have tried it and can tell you about their experience.

Signs of B12 deficiency

Research shows that almost half of Americans might be B12 deficient. However, closer studies show that the number might be lower than reported. It is believed that most people eat sufficient amounts of fish, eggs, milk, fortified cereals, and poultry. However, if a person has a unique diet or abusing alcohol, B12 levels can drop noticeably because of a change in the body’s natural absorption of nutrients.

Some signs of B12 deficiency can be weakness, numbness or tingling in your toes or fingers, a sore tongue, changes in your mood, problems walking, and a loss in memory. However, those changes could also be a symptom of another condition and it is a good idea to see a doctor if you are concerned.

Where can you get one?

So, if you are looking for an extra energy boost or a way to shed some extra pounds, where can you get a B12 shot? You can get a B12 shot from your personal physician, a local juice bar, a medical spa, a beauty store, and a weight loss clinic. Keep in mind that taking too much B12 is not hazardous to your health because it does not build up toxicity in your body like some other supplements do. At Dr. Sattar’s med spa, we provide effective B12 shots for patients in Sterling, Virginia and nearby areas of Northern VA.