Does Microdermabrasion Clear Up Blackheads?

What Are Blackheads?
A blackhead occurs when sebum, from the skin’s oil production, collects in the pores. It looks black because the sebum oxidizes when it comes in contact with the air. Blackheads often occur near the hairline where oil gets transferred from hair to skin. If you wear bangs you may see more blackheads on […]

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What Does The B12 Shot Do?

How can B12 shots help you?
B12 shots are best known for helping boost energy levels. Whether you get enough sleep, stay hydrated, or eat a healthy diet, adding more natural energy to your daily life is always a welcomed plus. For some people who have a B12 deficiency, getting monthly injections is a great way […]

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How Sugar Affects Your Skin

Excess sugar in the bloodstream is not a great thing. Besides risk of heart disease, diabetes, and other ailments – it certainly affects your skin. Insulin levels can skyrocket at the drop of dime and that produces long term major effects! Still unsure how sugar affects the skin? Here are some details to help you […]

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5 Reasons To Try The Hydrafacial

A Hydrafacial is a fantastic facial treatment that eliminates dead skin cells and vacuums out impurities while cleaning and moisturizing the face. The Hydrafacial is extremely relaxing and does not result in any pain whatsoever. One of the best things about the Hydrafacial is that the results are effective immediately. The Hydrafacial is a new […]

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